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Environmental Science 1
The Human Impact on the Natural World
co-taught with
Speech 104

Course Syllabus 

InstructorOffice HoursCourse LocationCourse Objectives
Required TextbooksWeb Sites You Must VisitLearning ContractAttendance and Timeliness
Course OutlineAssignment PhilosophyAssignment SummaryDetails of Assignments
GradingSaturday MeetingsVideo AssignmentsVideo Worksheets
Writing TipsWriting Scoring GuideOral Presentation GuideAssessing Your Own Work

Saturday Meetings

  • Meeting #1: June 12 - Meet on campus, then tour of El Segundo and Scattergood Power Plants, Playa del Rey
  • Meeting #2: June 26 - Ballona Wetlands (meet at Burton Chace Park, Marina del Rey)
  • Meeting #3: July 17 - DATE CHANGED TO JULY 24 - Meet at Franklin Canyon Park Auditorium

Following each Saturday meeting, a 2-3 page report should be prepared and turned in at the next regular class session in addition to any other assignments given that day.

These workshops will focus on issues discussed in class, the readings and the videos. Each will relate to the theme for the summer and will include activities from both Environmental Science 1 and Speech 104. The morning session will include presentations from both instructors and an orientation to the day's activities.

Attendance is required at all Saturday workshops. In order to receive credit for the day, you must sign in between 8am and 8:30am and personally fill out the evaluation of the day at the end of the day. If you miss a Saturday workshop, you will loose a substantial amount of credit for the course UNLESS THE INSTRUCTOR HAS BEEN CONTACTED IN ADVANCE AND AN ALTERNATIVE PLAN NEGOTIATED. If you have not negotiated in advance, no make-up work will be allowed.

Saturday workshops will sometimes meet on-campus for the morning orientation and then reconvene in the field. Other times, we will spend the entire day at an alternate location. The content and requirements for each workshop are included in the pages that follow. Plan to be an active participant in the day. The class will be split into small groups that will work together and discuss issues together throughout the day. Learning about the issues, taking a stand and communicating your desires to those in power will be among the themes for each trip.

For these workshops to be a success, it is imperative that you complete your readings, assignments and watch the required videos during the week.

In addition to attending the workshop in its entirety, you are required to complete the attached WORKSHEETS and write a 2 - 3 page summary report. The Worksheet should be attached to the report. The worksheet can be handwritten, but the report must be typed or computer generated.

There may be fees for Saturday workshops. These will be detailed on the pages that follow.

We will usually be inside a meeting room for the morning orientation and then out in the elements for the remainder of the day. It will sometimes be hot and other times may be cold. Dress in layers that allow you to be comfortable in any situation. Be sure to bring a hat, sunscreen, water, sunglasses, lunch, snacks, notebook and comfortable shoes to hike and walk in. You may also consider bringing a daypack, camera, binoculars and a small blanket or towel for sitting on the ground.

It is important that we carpool to the field trip locations. Please do your best to arrange this.

Saturday #1 - June 12, 1999
Saturday #2 - June 26, 1999
Saturday #3 - July 17, 1999


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