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New Healing Our World Articles:

How Do We Decide on a Leader?
It may be easier than you think to choose a leader. Their stand on the environment may be the pivotal issue.
Extinction: NOT Just a Fact of Life
Plant and animal extinctions are not a necessary consequence of progress.
The Fur is Still Flying
Millions of animals are brutally killed every year for their fur - still.

We can only Heal Our World by sharing, crying, dreaming and working together .

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               Use these articles and their resources in your efforts to reconnect to the natural world, to heal the separation that has been created by hundreds of years of an overdependence upon technology and a lack of appreciation of the web of life. Woven into these writings are many tools for you to use including ecofeminism, ecopsychology, deep ecology, spritual ecology and more. Search for these terms on the Internet to help you in your journey. We must begin this journey now. We have no other choice.

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This website is part of the following communities. Check them out. These are not advertisments for products. They are organizations trying to link together like minds and like spirits. We have much work to do to break out of old patterns and old assumptions. This will require opening our minds and hearts to ideas we might not normally consider.
Other than being part of their resource lists, I am not involved with any of them professionally. The last time I checked, they contained some good stuff. Let me know what you think of them.

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