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Environmental Science 1
The Human Impact on the Natural World
Course Syllabus 

InstructorOffice HoursCourse LocationCourse Objectives
Required TextbooksWeb Sites You Must VisitLearning ContractAttendance and Timeliness
Course OutlineAssignment PhilosophyAssignment SummaryDetails of Assignments
GradingSaturday MeetingsVideo AssignmentsVideo Worksheets
Writing TipsWriting Scoring GuideOral Presentation GuideAssessing Your Own Work

Video Viewing Component


You are required to view instructional videos each week and document the learning you achieved. Below is a summary of the programs. Bring 2-VHS tapes to the Learning Resource Center and they will copy the programs for you for a charge of $10 ($5 per tape you bring in). Worksheets for each video follow that you should fill out while watching each program. The insights and thoughts you collect on these sheets will be used to write the 1-2 page video review you will turn in each week. Attach the worksheet to your review. The worksheets can be handwritten, but the video review must be typed. You must also complete the PACE Video Log found in this syllabus, to be turned in at the end of the course. THE INSTRUCTORS WEB SITE HAS COMPLETE INFORMATION AND LINKS FOR EACH VIDEO. VISIT IT PRIOR TO WRITING UP YOUR REVIEW.

STUDY TIP: Watch the videos together with your group if you can arrange it. Discuss the film afterward and finish your Video Worksheets during the discussion.

Many thanks go to: Sheila A. Laffey of Echo Mountain Productions, Inc for permission to use The Last Stand; Bruce Robertson for permission to use Nature's Last Stand; Terry Thiermann of the Video Project for permission to use The River that Harms and Witness to the Future; The Action Resource Center for permission to use Vanishing Prayer.

Week #1

Race to Save the Planet Episode 1: The Environmental Revolution (60m)

Week 2

Earth Matters Program excerpt: Environmental Justice (40m)

Race to Save the Planet Episode 3: Do We Really Want to Live This Way? (60m)

Week 3

Race to Save the Planet Episode 5: Remnants of Eden (60m)

Week 4 (preparation for Saturday, June 26 meeting)

  • Sea of Slaughter excerpt: The Herring Fishery (5m)
  • The Last Stand: The Struggle for Ballona Wetlands (56m)
  • Nature's Last Stand: The Ballona Wetlands of Los Angeles (14m)

Week 5

  • The River That Harms - the story of the largest radioactive waste spill in U.S. History (50m)
  • Vanishing Prayer - forced relocation of the Navajo people so a coal mine can be expanded (15m)
  • Poison in the Rockies - pollution from mining (39m)

Week 6

  • Witness to the Future - effects of pesticides and toxic waste on workers and surrounding communities (50m)
  • Wildlife Poaching (39m)
  • Easy Money - the abuse of animals (9m)
  • Dolphins and the Handicapped (10m)

Week 7

  • Race to Save the Planet Episode 4: In the Name of Progress (60m)
  • Battle for the Wilderness (13m)

Week 8

  • Race to Save the Planet Episode 9: It Needs Political Decisions (60m)
  • Race to Save the Planet Episode 10: Now or Never (60m)

  • Disasters (18m)

Week 9

  • Race to Save the Planet Episode 10: Now or Never (60m)
  • The Language of War - how the military deceives us with language (28m)
  • Culture Jammers alternative commercials to change the way we consume (15m)
  • Ataraxia Revisited - a film made by Matthew Gould while a student in my Ecopsychology class at Antioch University (10m)


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Copyright (c) 2009, Jackie A. Giuliano Ph.D.