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Environmental Science 1
The Human Impact on the Natural World
Course Syllabus 


InstructorOffice HoursCourse LocationCourse Objectives
Required TextbooksWeb Sites You Must VisitLearning ContractAttendance and Timeliness
Course OutlineAssignment PhilosophyAssignment SummaryDetails of Assignments
GradingSaturday MeetingsVideo AssignmentsVideo Worksheets
Writing TipsWriting Scoring GuideOral Presentation GuideAssessing Your Own Work


  • The class will not be graded on a curve. It is theoretically possible for the whole class to get an A or an F.
  • There is a grade penalty for missed classes. Every one unexcused absence after the first one results in a 1/3 of a grade penalty. (Hence, with two absences, if my final grade had been C+, it would be reduced to a C; if C- it would be reduced to D+).


95-100 A
71-74 C
91-94 A-
67-70 C-
87-90 B+
63-66 D+
83-86 B
50-62 D
79-82 B-
0-49 F
75-78 C+
W Withdrawal
WF Withdraw/Fail
I Incomplete
NC No Credit


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