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"First they ignore you; Then they laugh at you; Then they fight you;
Then you win.

-- Mohandas K. Gandhi

Healing Our World: A journey from the darkness into the light, challenges the reader to question just about every assumption they have about how the Earth works and what our impact is on it. Throughout the book are examples of how our disconnection from the natural world and from the rhythms of the Earth have created a distance between humans and the planet of their birth. Because of that distance, we don't think twice about our damaging and destructive consumption that is rapidly reducing the planet's life support capacity. Activists everywhere are heeding the call to action, hearing, as Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hahn says, "the sound of the Earth crying."

Healing Our World is an excellent primary or supplementary textbook for a variety of environmental science, environmental studies, political science and other classes.


Of This Earth: Reflections on Connections, contains photographs that Jackie hopes will inspire you to explore your deep, profound connection with the natural world. Each photograph is accompanied with thought provoking words to get you thinking about your impact on the world. Of This Earth is an excellent visual companion forHealing Our World, A Journey from the Darkness into the light

Visit the Of This Earth website for more information.

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Copyright (c) 2005, Jackie A. Giuliano Ph.D.

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"Within us are deep responses to what is happening to our world, responses of fear and sorrow and anger. Given the flows of information circling our globe, they inhere in us already by virtue of our nature as open systems, interdependent with the rest of life. We need only to open our consciousness to these profound apprehensions. We cannot experience them without pain, but it is a healthy pain - like the kind we feel when we walk on a leg that has gone asleep and the circulation starts to move again. It gives us evidence that the tissue is still alive"
Richard Heckler from The Anatomy of Change

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Other than being part of their resource lists, I am not involved with any of them professionally. The last time I checked, they contained some good stuff. Let me know what you think of them.

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