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Tools for Healing

In the extensive research I do for my "Healing Our World" articles, I encounter many resources. Below are some high quality resources I have found that might help in your quest to reweave yourself into the web of life.


As good as the Internet is, books still contain our knowledge. Visit Powells, a wonderful bookstore in Portland Oregon. Their complete used and new collection can be searched online.
The Environmental Defense Fund has an excellent resource for finding out what toxic impacts their are in your community.
Fossil fuel
may be the number one problem of our culture. It comes from the remains of dead plants and animals and it is killing us all. Visit this web site for much info on the inevitable end of the fossil fuel supply.
Why are people hungry? The only answer that is possible is the greed of our culture. Visit the Food First Information Network and Food Not Bombs.
CHIEF SEATTLE - a fabrication?
Many have been inspired by the words of Chief Seattle. Learn the truth about that speech. The version most of us learned came from Hollywood. We must challenge all our assumptions to come up with the truth.

You are not alone. You must locate people who believe as you do and communicate with them. There are millions of people working for change and trusting their hearts. There is even a group of people who have created an organization for those who like to go barefoot (visit the "Dirty Soles" link on the left). The links on the left will help connect you to like minds. Network and build communities.

The Earth's forests are loosing the battle with technology and greed. Stay informed and get involved with their protection. They are our lungs.

Our food choices affect the entire planet as well as our bodies and minds. What we buy to eat determines our values and sets the tone for how we live on this Earth. There can be no larger impact on our world than the choices we make for our food.

These organizations will support you in this adjustment. If your health is good (as your doctor if you have any doubt), you should be able to try eliminating meat and dairy from your diet for a couple of weeks. Try it and see how you feel. And don't forget your companion animals - they shouldn't have to eat the leavings from the slaughterhouse floor or drink polluted tap water.

Want to go Veggie?

Holistic Healing
find a holistic practioner


Dr. Nancy Scanlon Holistic Veterinarian

How we care for our companion animals and the actions we take when we see humans or non-human animals in distress defines us as intelletual and spiritual beings. The sooner we stop treating all that is non-human as "other" and "less than," the sooner we will be able to reconnect with the natural world around us.

Commercial pet food is toxic and may be responsible for many of the life-threatening ailments our pets have. And the toxins we are putting into the ecosystem are affecting not only human health, but animal health as well. Check out these links for help in trying to do the best for non-human species in your care or in your world.

A vast collection of links from my article research is available. Please email me if you would like access to this collection..


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