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Jackie's writing style has been described as personable and accessible. He can take any subject and write it, speak it, and teach it to any audience. He has writen over 450 articles, many blog entries, and a large volume of web content. Below are a few examples.


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Note: Many examples of ghost writing, articles and web content cannot be shown due to non-disclosure agreements.


I have ghost written books, but due to non-disclosure agreements, I cannot share them with you! Below are my books.

Healing Our World

"'Healing Our World' is an important book. It is one of the better explanations of the concept of ecology that can be applied not only to the natural world but to our communications environment as well. I recommend the book enthusiastically."

Neil Postman, Ed.D., (1931-2003),  former Chair, Department of Culture and Communications at New York University and author of 17 books including "Amusing Ourselves to Death", "The Disappearance of Childhood", and "The End of Education."

Of This Earth

"Of This Earth: Reflections on Connections," contains photographs that Jackie hopes will inspire you to explore your deep, profound connection with the natural world. Each photograph is accompanied with thought provoking words to get you thinking about your impact on the world. Of This Earth is an excellent visual companion for Jackie´s other book on environmental issues, "Healing Our World, A Journey from the Darkness into the light."

Books In Progress . . . the new books I am writing:

power of process"The Power of Process-
Why It's OK that Things Don't Happen Overnight!"



speed reading"Speed Reading-
The Cure for the Common Education




Over the years, Jackie has written over 450 articles. Some of them were written over a decade ago, but sadly, the environmental problems and social challenges continue and they are all still timely.

environment news serviceMore of Dr. Jackie's articles can be found at the Environment News Service website.

BLOGDr. Jackie's Healing Our World BLOG contains many of those writings.


examiner.comHe is also the Green Business reporter for, exploring environmental issues that affect businesses and all of us.

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"First they ignore you; Then they laugh at you; Then they fight you;
Then you win.

-- Mohandas K. Gandhi

" The background information you gave in such a relaxed style, coupled with the gift of copious resources will go a long way in making this a life-long practice for me now. Thanks again, Jackie. I doubt I'll ever crack a book without having a brief reflection on this class. It's a life-changer."