Of This Earth: Reflections on Connections, contains photographs that Jackie hopes will inspire you to explore your deep, profound connection with the natural world. Each photograph is accompanied with thought provoking words to get you thinking about your impact on the world. Of This Earth is an excellent visual companion for Jackie's other book, Healing Our World, A Journey from the Darkness into the light

Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D. is a father, activist, educator, and deep ecologist. Prior to entering the field of education, he studied the planets in our Solar System from one end to the other during a 20-year career in the U.S. robotic space program. He discovered that there may not be a single drop of available fresh water or a breath of fresh air other than on Earth. Humans may one day live on other worlds, but the Earth will be always be our only true home.

For the last 20 years, Jackie has dedicated his life to ending the separation that exists between humans and the natural world. He says, "We must listen to our body, the home of our heart, for that least conditioned response. We must learn to live together, make a difference with every waking moment of our lives, and live as authentically as possible. We must notice the details of the natural world around us and revel in the awesome beauty and connections. But we must also feel the pain of the Earth and choose to act - now." Jackie lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Lani, son Justin step son Forrest, dogs Shadow and Buddy, and a number of fish.

Healing Our World, A Journey from the Darkness into the light, is also available from XLIBRIS. "Healing Our World" is an examination of many challenging environmental issues that are threatening our planet and, therefore, us.

The Of This Earth website has an online collection of the photographs and details about them.


(c) 2014 Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.